Porcelain Golds 2023

These miniatures springboard from my larger sculptural works extracting the core elements of fragility and intricacy; they are a mediation sidestepping spoken and written language.

In order to create repeatable “body” of work there is of course an element of designing. Drawing on latent memory their development has an eclectic trait, shell forms collected in childhood, the Fibonacci spiral ever present in nature and symbolic of universal growth and creation, patterns and carved panels implanted from early trips to India reveal themselves in my artistic process. Linked into my making is a material response, an interplay of pattern forming and reforming, morphing into another configuration dancing with light and shadow to emphasise the translucent qualities of porcelain.

Each sculpture is individually created from high fired porcelain using a variety of hand building methods, the surfaces carefully sculpted or applied with repeat forms to elude the eye, finished with gold lustres and underglaze. Some capture sensuality suggestive of fertility in enclosed fluted forms; others evoke the delicacy of shells. Complex and multifarious each piece has a sense of intimacy reminiscent of jewels, a keepsake and precious connection to the heart.