My Journey

For me creativity is a culmination of lived experience, a continual gathering of emotional knowledge, invisibly distilled into my being. These responses sit behind and direct my creativity, continually demanding to be evaluated and reflected upon.

Working for Clare Craft pottery embedded a tacit knowledge of clay. Sculpting and hand building on a daily basis, clay became a familiar and reassuring comrade. I also met a very special and lifelong friend, Pip Whiteside whose words “Go on, you can do it” have stayed with me. Thank you Pip x

Exploring a culture beyond the superficial skimming I joined VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas). Working in Ghana for two years, we dug red gritty clay from the earth, shaped it in wooden moulds and made bricks to be used as a locally resourced building material. Standing back from my own world and immersing myself in another has continued to influence my world view.

Working at Kings School, Gloucester, the Cathedral became an integral part of my life. It is space of peace, spirituality and tradition alongside the incredible skills that brought it into being. It is a place where I find inner stillness and harmony.